Ready to start the fire?
Are you ready for more passion for yourself, your daily life. Set yourself up for success with extra support and accountability with building your goals and breaking past the blocks that keep you from seeing the results you want! 
Find out why people are so excited about this program!
Fire Starter Group Coaching Program
  • Rekindle your passion for yourself, your purpose in life, and the goals you want to achieve
  •  Identify and change the bad habits holding you back
  • Establish effective and efficient ways to achieve your goals
  • Increase your daily happiness and satisfaction in life
  • Achieve a goal with personal support from me and the Fire Starter Community!
What the Fire Starter Program includes:
  • Two 50 minute Private Coaching calls with Cassandra 
  • Eight 60 minute group coaching calls (Once a Week)
  • 10 Exploration Worksheets
  •  Diverse Weekly Challenges
  • Week by Week Goal Planning Structure   
  • Weekly Personal Accountability  
  • Membership to the exclusive Fire Starter Facebook page
(Over a $1,500 value)
Why this Group Coaching Program Rocks (and works):
In the Fire Starter Coaching Program we get results by addressing the emotional, mental, logistical, and practical ways to discover why you're unfilled and begin the process to change it.

In this program you get three types of coaching:
Private Coaching: Get personal attention and support to push past your own limits.
Small Group Coaching: A MAX of 12 people are enrolled in this program at a time. Learn and grow from others' experiences. Connect with people in the group to build a community of understanding, encouragement, and resources that lasts long after 8 weeks. 
Self-coaching: Build strong and effective strategies to hold yourself accountable, challenge yourself in new ways, strengthen your "follow-through" muscle, and continue to thrive after the course is over. 
This variety in coaching increases your growth and success during the program and after you've completed it. 

Rarely do you find a group coaching program that includes any sort of private coaching. I find that CRAZY because from my experience, people do their best work when they have a little bit of personalized support and attention. 
What topics do we cover?
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Happiness
  •  Bad Habits
  •  Forgiveness
  •  Affirmations 
  •  Sustainability
  •  Perseverance
  •  Passion and Purpose
  •  Procrastination/Taking Action
  •  Self-love
  •  Anything else that comes up on the calls!  
What does the Fire Starter Coaching Program look like?
  • WEEK ONE: Goals. Building your goal and breaking down your success for the program. 
  • WEEK TWO: Intentions. Setting clear intentions and identifying what holds you back. 
  • WEEK THREE: Negative/ Limiting Thoughts. Reshaping the negative or limiting thought and beliefs into empowering ones. 
  • WEEK FOUR: Happiness. Learning how to unblock your happiness and hold yourself accountable without shame. 
  • WEEK FIVE: 'Bad' Habits. Breaking down your bad habits and realigning with more positive, productive activities that bring you deep joy. 
  • WEEK SIX: Procrastination/Taking Action. Changing your relationship with procrastination and learn tools to help you take action. 
  • WEEK SEVEN: Allowing Growth. Looking at all of the ways you may self-sabotage or hold yourself back and heal from them. 
  • WEEK EIGHT: Success. Pushing to accomplish the goal and building a plan for after the program.
  •  Plus more goodness crammed in with weekly affirmations, challenges, coaching calls, and inspiration shares!
8 weeks to big, beautiful shifts!
What people are saying about the Fire Starter Program:
"Having just completed the Fire Starter Group Coaching Program, I am in awe of the personal growth I have made as well as the changes I have seen in my life during these 8 weeks. Cassandra has created a program that is challenging, but organized in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. She was clearly personally invested in each of us throughout the course and spent time helping us identify and create a plan to help us achieve our goals. The weekly worksheets and challenges are easy to follow and were extremely helpful in guiding us towards these goals. Cassandra’s passion and excitement for the program and for our individual growth is unmatched! She creates a perfect balance of challenging us and holding us accountable while also providing support and encouragement along the way. Cassandra has a gift for helping us realize we have the power to make the changes necessary to reach our goals. She truly is phenomenal! This course was a great beginning for me that has sparked a definite desire in me to do the work to embrace the amazing life I know I can lead!"
~Kelli, Teacher
"As a graduate student, a majority of the work is in your head. You are fighting and pushing yourself to have trust, faith, and passion in your work. But deeper down, also in yourself. Cassandra’s program helped me find that trust and passion. She lit a fire within me, helping me fall in love with life again and making me realize that I am a powerhouse. Her program taught me skills that I have been able to bring with me outside the program, which I use when I come across opportunities for growth. This program is a jumpstart into a new perspective on life, which will change you for the better. Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, facing resistance in your work, or just want to live your life with a fresh, optimistic perspective, take the leap and do this program – you won’t regret it!
​~Raquel, Graduate Student
What it's like to work with Cassandra:
"She (Cassandra) and this work has changed everything...I was really struggling to get out of my own way, to stop self-sabotaging, to change my relationship with my pain so that I can help more people. Despite having gone through quite a bit of therapy, working with Cassandra has given me more resources than I’ve even had before. It has given me these tools to practice daily, the support that I’ve never really had. This coach, this comrade, this confidant, this cheerleader, this wealth of knowledge and power, but not this power from her but this talent that she has to help you realize that the power is within yourself. Do this work with her, take the chance, invest in yourself, you will not regret it for a second. I am so grateful and with every ounce of my being I also know it’s literally just the beginning. Work with her, it will be amazing." 
~Justine, Mental Health Therapist, Best Selling Author, Founder of Rising Ever Upward
"Cassandra is an incredible mentor. Her one-on-ones leave me feeling ready to take on the world! I truly appreciate her support during this difficult time and I plan to continue working with her well into the future. She has the perfect blend of light hearted-ness and wisdom. Cassandra puts a smile on my face and ignites a light in my soul. It is so comforting knowing I have support nearly 24/7 from such a radiant human. I strongly encourage Cassandra to anyone looking for a truly personable and accountable life coach" 
​~Maryam, Actress
"I am so grateful to have connected with Cassandra! Her enthusiasm for my success, her genuine caring and her authentic wisdom come through in every contact. I came to her for help defining and pursuing my professional goals after many years spent out of the work-world as a full-time parent. She had the insight to realize that I need to be in touch with my motivations and desires on the deepest level of my being in order for my worldly goals to make me happy. She has helped me re-frame my spiritual practice and design a way to fit time for meditation and reflection into my busy life. She has helped me navigate some thorny decisions and challenged me to go beyond my sometimes limited thinking to pursue my biggest dreams. I whole-heartedly recommend her guidance to anyone. "
​~ Julia, Graduate Student and Small Business Owner
**Money Back "Growth Guarantee"**
We promise if you do the work in this program you will see growth. 
If we reach the end and you don't, we will give you your money back!
Join me for 8 Weeks 
September 16th to October 28th
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This coaching program has a 4 person minimum and 10 person maximum
1 payment of $800 
2 payments of $425
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